Welcome to my tiny piggish site!

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Hi to you, my dear guest!

Unfortunately, I don't support an English version of this page since year 2000 as 99% of my audience is Russian-speaking. So this page is frozen in time and it looks like exactly the same as in 2000. Behold this anachronism. All the rest content of the site except this passage has been left intact.

Once I decided to build an Internet site.
What to devote it to? I have nothing very particular except myself and my friends. OK, that's cool idea - to build a site devoted to myself and all those people whom I love and/or respect, our activities, plans, ideas etc...
I have some friends who have nothing to do with the Internet although they are wonderful people who are worth writing about.

The first version of this page was written completely in English. But later I decided to make its Russian version. Now my Russian page contains far more information than English one. Sorry... The most of things I write here are untranslatable...

Please remember that my native language is Russian, so don't be angry at me for my English - I'll try to do my best!

And if you have what to say to me - I'll be glad to communicate!!!

Please remember that this page is under construction.

And please - leave a message in my GUESTBOOK!